Sunday, January 22, 2006

Abandoned Blogs and Ghost Blogs ...BOO!

It looks like I may have used the term ghost blog the wrong way.

I though a ghost blog was similar to a ghost town: the blogosphere version of a place with empty old buildings that creak in the wind, with the occasional tumbleweed.

But ghost blog is used when describing a blog that is ghost written. This marketing site has an article that describes ghost blogging in detail.

A blog that is silent for a long period of time is an abandoned blog.

I found that a large number of blogs are created, but well over half of them stop getting regular updates. I will post more as I sort though my searches.

I guess the blogosphere is like outer space, both have large amounts of junk floating around in orbit. In both places, that junk may be up there longer than the people who created it. With storage capacity for information becoming so cheap and services like Internet Archive, some abandoned blogs may still be available decades, or even centuries, from now.

I wonder how many future senior citizens will be embarassed when their grandkids discover their ancient postings? Will they be surpised when they read about grandma's teenage angst and musings on the cute boys in her junior high class?

To my future descendents...I bid you greetings from the 21st century.

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