Wednesday, January 11, 2006


After a few days of thinking over my blog topics, I'm ready to get down to business. Time to put away the ray guns and bubble space helmets with TV antennas.

A site that grabbed my attention is The Space Review, featuring stories on space travel and technology. The Space Review doesn't just cover the technical aspects spaceflight, but the business aspects as well.

With companies like Virgin Galactic getting ready to take flight, the challenge won't just be to deliver cargo and astronauts into space, but to also deliver ROI.

I'm reminded of the famous line from The Right Stuff: "No bucks, no Buck Rogers!"

Another story explores how Skylab astronauts accidently photographed Area 51, and how NASA and the CIA dealt with the problem.

On a lighter note, also visit Bad Astronomy. Created by Philip Plait, a computer programer and astronomer, Bad Astronomy exposes how sci-fi movies are often more fiction than science.

If you get a puncture in your spacesuit, will you explode? If aliens from Mars did invade Earth, would they die from the common cold? Now you can find out.

Other Bad Astronomy features venture where space science and pop culture merge, such as the controversial TV special that suggests the Apollo moon landings were faked. What about that face on the planet Mars? If you ever bump into a ranting conspiracy theorist who thinks the moon landing was a hoax, give them the link.

Or just tell them to adjust their tin foil hat.


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