Monday, January 30, 2006

UFOs over Norfolk, Virginia - Please don't shoot!

For the record, this is NOT a photo of a UFO. I made this image in Macromedia Fireworks to give this blog entry a picture.

It is one thing to see UFOs on reruns of the X-Files. But when they are sighted near your hometown, you have to blog about it before you go to bed.

Pilot Online features a story about young man who shot video of strange lights near Norfolk, Virginia.

An amazing detail in the article concerns the oldest UFO sighting in American history: a ball of fire seen over Chesapeake in 1813. The witness reported it to Thomas Jefferson.

Even more bizzare is how citizens in Northwest Virginia debated whether or not it was legal to shoot an alien.

Did these guys see The Day The Earth Stood Still or Aliens?

If they did, they would know the sci-fi movie cliche of the trigger-happy goofball who tries to shoot an alien visitor...and is promptly vaporized by a death ray, splashed with acid blood, or has his skull wind up in a trophy case.

Take a hint. If you see a UFO land, DO NOT SHOOT! Your pop-gun is no match against extra-terrestrial biology. Say "Greetings" or run away screaming. Pick one.

With all this UFO and alien talk near where I live, I am tempted to start pouring a bag of Reeses Pieces around my yard and camp out with a flashlight.

Unfortunately, I lost my Speak and Spell years ago.


Anonymous said...

That's an interesting question. What does the law say about the legality of killing or murdering an alien? Would it fall under a general animal protection act until the alien species is declared legally equal to humans by some kind of international court?

Charles G said...

That is a good question.

Up until recently I believe there was a law called the Space Exposure Act which made it a federal crime to even MEET and extra-terrestrial or come in contact with its vehicle.

Details are here.

A kind of creepy coincidence is that the law was passed on July 16, 1969. The first moon landing was only four days later.

Let me adjust my tinfoil hat for a moment. That's better.

As for the ethics of killing an ET, or the legal problems that would come with such an act, I don't know.

I did a Google search and found this link. It is a pretty interesting read.

Charles G said...

MEET and extra-terrestrial or come in contact with its vehicle.

I meant AN, not AND!

Man...why can't Blogger have an EDIT button just like every crappy piece of BBS software out there?

Anonymous said...

It cracks me up to imagine that a Fish & Wildlife Service officer might be called to greet the first alien to officially visit the US. Imagine if he were required to ear tag, collar and microchip the alien as well? -"Excuse me sir... now that this unpleasantly is over, can I please have your name for the endangered species listings?" (lol)

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