Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Alien creatures invade Florida...and a blogger tells all!

A fake blogger that is.

One of the characters on the ABC show Invasion is a blogger who documents the strange events in the town of Homestead, Florida. Who better to report on people being turned into alien hybrids than a blogger?

The blog is not just a plot twist on the show. You can actually read it here.

I have to give credit to creators of Invasion for having some knowledge of the blogging culture incorporating it into the plot.

I have grown to like Invasion. I started watching it in September and expected yet another rehash of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, but it has gone far beyond that.

The writers of Invasion seem to have figured out that your average viewer is now well schooled in the lore of the UFO culture.

The X-files took the offbeat realm of UFO magazines and websites, with topics like Roswell, Area 51, and greys, and made it as mainstream as speculations over Brad and Angelina.

Invasion is the first post X-files show that has its own take on what an alien takeover could look like. Instead of death rays and flying saucers, the invaders have learned to blend in almost perfectly.

It makes perfect sense that a blogger would be the first to find the truth is out there.

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