Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Antigravity space travel by the end of the century? Engage! has an amazing story about a proposed 'antigravity' propulsion system. Dr. Franklin Felber has written a paper stating the possiblity of spacecships reaching near light-speed "without crushing the contents of the craft"...which I think everyone can agree would be a good thing.

Dr. Felber expects that we could see such a journey take place by the end of the century.

Before you fall out of your chair or spill coffee on your keyboard from laughing too hard, consider this.

Space travel was once believed to be impossible because a rocket would never function in a vacuum. Before the first atomic test, there were fears the blast would set fire to the Earth's atmosphere and burn up the planet.

Such notions sound quaint to us today, but were respected opinions in their time. Imagine if you tried to explain to someone from the early 1900's how something as heavy as a 747 could fly cross country?

We still have 94 years left in this century, so Dr. Felber's prediction has plenty of time to unfold.

I can imagine if someone does build an antigravity spaceship, it will get a healthy dose of funding from the private sector and advertisers. If I live to see the day a spaceship flies through our solar system like a cosmic hot rod, it will probably have its hull plastered with logos of beer companies and shaving gel brands.

Near light-speed travel by the end of the century? I will be keeping an eye on this one.

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Im telling you, they exist. See for yourself