Sunday, February 26, 2006

It's a great, big universe...and we're all really puny!

This song by the Animaniacs is sarcastic, but it almost would fit right in at Tomorrowland. It is pretty catchy, but I do not get the joke about Mickey Rooney.

Is it me...or does this song sound just a little like the Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow song from the Carousel of Progress?

This is my first attempt at embedding video, so let us see how it works.


Sam said...

What a fun little song. And an awesome learning tool. You know, when I was in 2nd grade, we learned these dinosaur songs. I still remember them. So if I didn't know what a stegosaurus looks like, I could describe it for you. All from a little ditty I learned 23 years ago. Music is such an awesome tool!

Charles G said...

That is what I found so amusing about this video and why I posted it.

The Animaniacs were very rowdy for a kid's cartoon. Some of the sarcasm and jokes were especially nasty.

But this cartoon, while keeping the spirit of the Animaniacs, does express a sense of wonder through all the three stooges-esque humor.

Like I said, you could almost build a Disneyland ride around it.

Almost! :)