Wednesday, February 01, 2006

One Month of Blogging - I'm Getting a Signal!

In my first blog entry I mentioned my childhood trip to Tomorrowland and my hopes for a “A great big beautiful tomorrow.” What has happened over the last month with this blog has made a shiny fragment of that hope come true.

This blog has been up for one month. I am amazed at how much fun it has been and the responses I have received. Thank you all who have visited here, those who shared your comments and your own blogs with me. I am grateful for your time and your words.

This blog has served as my own Arecibo Radio Dish: a place where I started transmitting a signal into the void on the off-chance anyone might be listening. I am happy to find that the blogosphere is alive with intelligent life.

But there is so much still to discuss and share. Again, I say thank you to all those who have answered my e-mails or posted comments here. I have a challenge ahead of me to keep up the conversation and make the signal stays strong and clear.

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