Saturday, February 18, 2006

Pageflakes, cool RSS stuff...and SCIENCE!

I recently discovered Pageflakes, a site for personalized web content through a web desktop. Pageflakes is similar to the personalized home page that Google offers, but I have found the Pageflakes interface easier to customize. I saw the link to Pageflakes in the story link I posted last night, but I just started using it for my own web surfing today.

There are tabs on the pages, allowing you to group together your RSS feeds and other modules in seperate areas. You can put all your feeds on one page, your to-do lists on another page, your photos from Flikr on another, and so on.

Now I have a whole page of feeds for my science and tech sites. One click and my screen fills up with the lastest news from Slashdot, Digg, Universe Today and a whole slew of other sites. All the science my brain can handle in one sitting.


Now I have that old Thomas Dolby song stuck in my head.

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