Tuesday, February 28, 2006

They should have sent...a poet!

That is what Jodie Foster tearfully says in Contact as she gazes upon an amazing cosmic vista through the viewport of her space capsule.

Until we build a giant spinning machine that shoots people through space wormholes, we will have to settle for these photos from the Hubble of the galaxy M101.

According to the press release, this photo is the Hubble's most detailed image of a spiral galaxy ever. It has taken over decade to assemble all of the different exposures into one giant view.

You can look at smaller versions of the image, or download the largest one and gaze at all the glowing details.

Poetry indeed.

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kara said...

And "We are seeing the galaxy as it looked 25 million years ago." Difficult to fathom - magnificent to view.
{Save The Hubble}