Monday, February 13, 2006

Writely - Web based word processing and less tech clutter

Writely is a word processor that works in your web browser. Sign up with an E-mail address and you can create and share documents on the web. No software to install.

Writely not only shares documents, but it also allows you to write and upload blog entries as well.

What I like about Writely is how clean and functional the interface is. For basic document writing, everything I need is there.

Online applications are changing how people use and perceive computers, feeding a demand for simplicity in all new technology. People want to use their gadgets without fiddling with tiny buttons or complicated interfaces.

Devices like Ipods make people feel they are in charge of the items they paid for. No one likes to spend several hundred dollars on a device and feel confused trying to use it.

The gee-wiz days of technology have gone. People are already so wired with PDAs and other gear, making them reluctant to add a new item to their already cluttered lives. Unless a computer program or handheld device pulls its weight, it goes into the real or virtual recycle bin.

As for word processors, there will always be a need for more complicated programs to do heavy duty tasks. For many users, simplier is better.

I think we could all welcome a future where more gets done with fewer toolbars.

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kara said...

Thanks - just checked it out.
A lot faster than using Word!