Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Best UFO Pictures

The Best UFO Pictures is a site with, you guessed it, UFO pictures.

Someone posted the link in the comments to the entry I made about UFO sightings in my hometown.

If you believe in UFOs or not, there are plenty of pictures here to provoke debate.

In addtition to the UFO photos, there is a section where you can post pictures of yourself wearing a tinfoil hat. However, I think this picture would be more at home on Cute Overload instead.

I wish I could thank the comment poster for the link, but they have no blog and no Email address.

Thank you Manufacturing Consent, whoever you are.


Anonymous said...


Im the owner of Saw your site in my referral stats and I just wanna say thanks for the plug and im glad you enjoy the site ^-^

webmaster /at/

Charles G said...

Thank you! :) Anytime!

M. Mann said...

you want ufo pictures you should see what I caught on tape in the last year.
great site you have too.