Saturday, March 25, 2006

A lost space age is found

Rachel from Babayaga has sent me this photo of space age wallpaper in an old house, with an amazing backstory.

It's the scanned photograph of the vintage 'space' wallpaper I told you about. One summer while hiking, I found this wallpaper adorning the walls of a child's bedroom in an old abandoned house in a secluded region of this province. The entire area has never had access to electricity and this house had never been wired for power or phone service (and still hand a hand-pumped water well). Can you imagine the life of the children who had this wallpaper on their walls and no doubt grew up reading novels and comic books by candlelight (or oil lamps etc)? This 'futuristic' vision must have seemed far away and completely inaccessible to them. These were kids who probably had to travel to "town" to see the first moon landing on a television set in a local store.

My thanks to Rachel for the picture and words.


kara said...

Wow - looks like a female astronaut!

Charles G said...

I'm trying to figure out the decade this wallpaper was printed.

It looks like the early 1960s because the space helmet seems modeled after the type Mercury astronauts would wear...but the art has a 1970s feel to it.

Still, to be a child growing up in a room like this with no electricity, it must have been strange.

Kind of sad too.

But this is still a remarkable story. I'm glad I was able to blog about it!