Saturday, May 13, 2006

The battle of Linux - Chapter 2

After several more days of fighting with my computer, I have discovered to my horror that my system and Linux have a failure to communicate.

So I decided to try and older Pentium II machine.


I now have SUSE Linux 10.1 running nicely. It took some tweaks to get my monitor and video card to display the resolution I wanted, but that was a small task compared to the frustrating week I just went through.

What I have learned is that Linux is finicky. I cannot quite figure out why it did not boot correctly. Maybe it was the BIOS, or the brand of microchips on the motherboard. I will have to do more research.

For now, I have a running Linux machine, and it is time to get to work. Once I managed to get past the install process, SUSE has proven to be very user friendly.

I plan to learn the BASH shell, which is the way I can use my machine from the command line.

I also want to code web pages using Bluefish.

There is to much to describe in one post. For now, I have a new toy.

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