Wednesday, May 24, 2006

GTD or Getting Things Done...or you never realized how sloppy you were!

David Allen's Getting Things Done is a book that changed my life. I do not say that lightly. Most of us have had to deal with gushing reviews of feel-good books from co-workers and friends, who hear about them from talk shows or late night TV.

Getting Things Done is about getting things out of your head. All that clutter in your head about what you have to do, what you should be doing, what you forgot to all has to be taken out of your brain. Once that happens, you are free to work and be productive. There is a process involved, which is flowcharted by Allen, that is shockingly easy to follow.

I read about Getting Things Done (or GTD) on several blogs and websites, so I gave it a try. For a while, if you have been reading this blog you might remember, my computer room and my life were chaos as I put the GTD plan into action. So far it seems to be working. My blogging and my other projects are proceeding. If I am frustrated, it is only because I wished I had done this sooner.

I just discovered how much of a GTD following has grown on the web. I do not consider myself a big joiner, but I am intrigued by how many people are following and blogging about GTD's advice. I am slightly bothered how Wired Magazine called it a "A New Cult for the Info Age".

I guess as long as I do not start jumping on couches, I will be OK.

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The student said...

It looks like more than a book, a concept maybe. It's good that you posted it here, it opened new horizones in the work I do.