Thursday, May 04, 2006

Star Wars 1.0 - On DVD at last! Han shoots first...again!

Here is the first trailer for the first Star Wars movie, a very restrained and modest promo by today's slick standards.

It was announced recently that the original versions of the Star Wars movies will be available soon on DVD. Star Wars purists are celebrating because the only DVDs available have been the "special editions" which featured revised effects shots among other changes...such as the infamous "Han shot first" scene.

There has been a campaign to get original trilogy available on DVD for years, which seems strange to people outside the plastic-lightsaber wielding world of fandom.

Why would anyone want to see the old version of Star Wars, trading seamless digital spaceships for special effects that seem as dated as a wood grain Atari game console?

Although the new Star Wars 2.0 is sharper, faster, and more Dolbyized than the 1977 version, it is not the same film that a generation grew up with.

For those who waited in line in 1977, and again in 1980 and 1983, the old Star Wars is like a cherished toy that you once played with as a kid, with yellowing plastic, chipped paint, and peeling stickers. You could chuck it and buy a new one, but it would not be the same one you once so excitedly brought home from the store so long ago. You have outgrown toys, but this was the one toy you kept to remember your childhood as you embraced maturity.

This Star Wars, not the special edition, is the film that gave George Lucas stress related high-blood pressure as he struggled to finish shooting, fighting off the studio executives who believed it would be a late night TV curiosity in a matter of months. This Star Wars inspired wide-eyed youngsters to grow up to be artists, writers and filmmakers.

The original Star Wars is loved because of its flaws, like a toy worn by the years, but earning the status as a treasured keepsake.

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