Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Man meets puffer fish - Don't mess with things that are round and prickly

I guess this diver thought that it would be fun to taunt a swollen puffer fish.

After the lovable Bloat made puffer fish look cute in Finding Nemo, it is easy to forget that they have sharp bony teeth.

They also have short tempers with anyone who likes to tease them.

The best thing would be to heed the advice of an old Saturday Night Live sketch. Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Is your blog's sidebar drooping in Internet Explorer? Here's the fix!

Earlier today I was messing around with a template in Blogger. I made some graphic changes and realized to my horror that sidebar of my blog was "drooping".

I use the Firefox web browser for my default browser and my blog looked fine. When I looked at the blog in Internet Explorer, the sidebar section with the links was set far down the side of the page. No matter what I did, it stayed there.

So after some extensive searching I found a solution. It took some trial and error, but I managed to fix the problem.

I found the solution on Jon Aquino's Mental Garden, which is filled with useful information on web design and software.

The solution was to alter the CSS positioning of DIVs in the blogger templates. It took some tweaking, but it seems to have fixed my issue with IE.

If you're new to the whole CSS positioning game, check out Max Design's tutorial on CSS floats.

If you have no idea what CSS is or what the heck a DIV is, go read this tutorial at

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Coming Home

I haven't posted a blog entry for a while. I fell out of the habit of regular posting. I have been reading and doing research, much of which I will share here as time permits.

Much has happened since I last posted. The shuttle went up and came home safely. Another launch is planned soon. The world has become much more dangerous due to the situation in the Middle East.

Sometimes I feel that I can't find anything positive to write about or inspire me. Yet every so often I find something that I just have to share. One such thing was a music video I hadn't seen in years that I found on YouTube, featuring incredible space footage set to a catchy beat.

A perfect song to start this blog anew with.