Friday, November 10, 2006

The five sins of blogging - The Charles G edition

I found this article on about the five sins of blogging.

Pretty simple stuff. I've always thought of blogging as something similar to throwing a house party. If you invite people to your house, you should treat them with kindness and respect. It helps if you stock up on ice too.

Guests should be careful that they don't spill wine on the rug or steal the silverware.

I'm going to the kitchen now. Anyone want ice cream or beer?

While I'm gone, here are my five sins of blogging.

1. Sloppy unfocused writing - I've seen bloggers rant on for pages and repeat the same points over and over again. Sometimes after five or more paragraphs I just cry out "I GET IT! NEXT POINT PLEASE!" Some bloggers write in a form of stream of consciousness. That's fine. But if you are writing a post about Star Wars: Episode I and spend 10 pages bashing Jar-Jar...just let it go. If you have a point, make it. Then move on to the next point.

2. Rotten spelling - I find typos in my blog all the time. It frustrates me, but it happens. This isn't the New York Times. I fix them as soon as I find them. I have a high tolerance for spelling errors, but I wish to inform some of you that there is a difference between allowed and aloud, and between here and hear. If you have problems with this, please go over to and buy a basic book on grammar. I do not think that is asking too much. I hope we will see fewer spelling mistakes thanks to Firefox 2.0, especially in my own posts. I also recommend the Clusty Toolbar with its right-click access to a spelling dictionary. Google also acts as a dictionary too.

3. Background music - I know background music is big deal on MySpace, but it still annoys the hell out of me. MySpace is...well...MySpace. Certain sins can be forgiven there. I still shudder when I remember back to the bad-old days of the web, when every page thought it was clever to have MIDI or WAV files as background music. Oh boy! Bad to the Bone rendered Casio Keyboard style! When I go to a blog and suddenly have Linkin Park or Evanescence blasting out of my speakers at top volume, I reach for the volume first and the back button second. Let your words speak for you. I know you might love Coldplay, but put it in your profile, not as a slow-loading MP3 file.

4. IM speak - I use instant message short hand all the time...when I'm on IM. An occasional WTF or OMG is fine, but try to speak in complete words. You are on a blog. You have time to compose your thoughts and write complete words before you press POST. When U rite like this I h8t it! It's teh suck! PWN3D! :P Hey, it's your blog. Write anyway you want. Just don't expect me to take you seriously if you end every sentence like this. :)

5. Excessive amounts of images in posts - Most people who want to share images set up Flickr accounts. Show me one or two images of your hot girlfriend, your cool car, your sick computer gaming rig, or your new baby. Just one or two is fine. If you want to show me more, give me a link to a seperate site where I can scan thumbnails. If you pack ten or fifteen huge images into a blog entry, even my cable modem slows down to a crawl. I end up staring at blank pages while the images load.

That's my five sins of blogging. Go in peace. I'm out of ice cream. Sorry.


Anonymous said...

u are lame...
a blog is an online diary.
and only invited people come.
but they do not have a right to
do anything bad there.
thats all.

Charles G said...

Wow! That is the quickest comment I've ever recieved!

And you are right. Do whatever you feel like. It's a free least last time I checked. (looks over shoulder)

However, if you wish to share your writings with people, the "sins" I have mentioned get in the way of what you are trying to communicate.

Then again, maybe that is what you want? Maybe it's part of your mystery?

Maybe "bad" blogging will become an art form.

Many films today use scratchy film, exposure shifts, wandering focus, and rapid edits to create a mood. About 20 or 30 years ago people would have thought the projector was broken.

Perhaps creating a blog filled with "sins" will be the blogging version of Jackson Pollock and his paint dribbles.

Who knows?

Anonymous said...

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