Thursday, November 16, 2006

Kiwi - Animation by Dony Permedi - Putting the heart back in CGI

Every week it seems there is a movie with CGI animals making wisecracks and pop culture references. CGI animation used to be something I saw at art cinema animation festivals, now it is sold on DVDs by the ton at Wal-mart.

Then I found Dony Permedi's Kiwi on YouTube.

This digital short makes me remember back when I saw early Pixar films in the late 80s and early 90s, such as Red's Dream and Geri's Game.

Pixar is the top studio for CGI animation because their films feature a warmth and humanity that is often lacking it other CGI films. Kiwi has that spark that made early Pixar into the animation powerhouse it is today. It takes talent to turn a squat bird created in a 3D program into a character with charm and personality.

I hope as a new generation of computer animators emerges, they remember to put some heart into their work along with all the rendering and modeling.

Dony Permedi's website is

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Anonymous said...

yeah, totally agree with you. Pixar;s Red's Dream is a classic. Their most hiliarious short from that time is "Knick Knack". And Kiwi sure has that same "feel". I would have given the credits to Pixar, if I hadn't been told beforehand it was by Dony. I think PIXAR should offer him a job. Almost 18 millions views in 1.5 years time at Youtube is amazing.