Sunday, March 04, 2007

The Blue Man Group - Disco meets CMYK

Last Friday I saw the Blue Man Group in concert. I did not sit in the "poncho" section, so I returned home with being splashed with anything, but I was close enough to get a good view of the show.

I sometimes find it hard to lose myself in a show like this, my brain is trying to interpret all the design choices and elements. I find myself asking in the middle of the show "Why did they pick that font for a title?" or "Is that a Stanley Kubrick reference?" This time the analytic side of my brain took a break for the evening.

One part of the Blue Man Group show that did appeal to the graphic arts geek of my personality was the song I Feel Love, where the lead singer wears a dress that flashes on and off in sync with stage lights. The effect was like a cross between the sound meters on graphic equalizer and a Pantone guide. Disco meets CMYK.

Here's a clip I found of the Blue Man Group in action with the electric dress.

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