Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Empire as Office Space? Darth Vader mocks an officer

Members of the YouTube community continue to amaze me with how they can take a piece of footage you have seen a million times, re-cut it, and make it into something completely different.

This ominous scene from The Empire Strikes Back is an example. With a few simple edits, the whole scene changes into slapstick.

The Empire from the Star Wars films was supposed to be a formidable adversary to the Rebel Alliance. This clip makes the mighty Empire look like the dysfunctional company from Office Space.

If you compare the Empire to Office Space, does that make Darth Vader the character of Bill Lumbergh, or does that make him Milton? Lumbergh was the boss, but Milton had a red stapler and Darth Vader's lightsaber was red.

The Empire as Office Space? I am sure someone is hunched over their computer making that video right now.


AngryMan said...

I love that clip. I found that a while back. My advice, try a youtube search of "Star Wars Rap," you'll love it. Also, check out Chad Vader, Day Shift Manager. Totally sweet.

Charles G said...

Chad Vader is a work of genius. Every store or retail establishment has a Chad Vader: someone who takes the power of being an assistant manager way too seriously.

AngryMan said...

Unfortunately, I took my asst. mgr. job too seriously when I first got it. I backed off, though. That's the unfortunate thing about being in that position, you have to be the strong-arm asshole. Lame.

Anonymous said...

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