Friday, March 16, 2007

Pilotless Drone - A grammar complaint becomes video art

Newspaper editorial errors can provoke nasty letters and phone calls from irate readers. One particular phone call featured on about the term "pilotless drone" has taken on a life of its own.

This video by chiefbluefeather from YouTube features several famous robots science fiction history, including Robby the Robot from Forbidden Planet and VINcent from The Black Hole.

As a fan of old science fiction films, I can't help but love this video.

My thanks to Abby for the tip.


AngryMan said...

So, drones have pilots, right?

Charles G said...

I guess the term "pilotless drone" is used by some writers who think that their readers might not grasp that the word "drone" alone mean aircraft without a pilot.

Reminds me of how some writers used to describe people "using the web on a computer". I suspect that they feared that if they wrote "accessing the web" or "using the web" without the word "computer" somewhere near by, people would think "web" as in "spider web".

They are writing from the perspective that every reader is on the techno-literacy level of Homer "OOOoooooo...they have the Internet on computers now!" Simpson.

AngryMan said...

Don't forget Homer's follow-up, "The Internet? That thing's still around?" Or, "Come on, Lisa, monkeys!"