Saturday, March 03, 2007

The UFO powered car - Can alien technology can stop global warming?

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Yahoo News features a story about a former Canadian defense minister who demands that the governments of the world admit that they possess secret alien technologies, which could be used as an alternative fuel source to fossil fuels.

Are there really UFOs? I have no idea, but this story intrigued me as I tried to imagine what would happen if this former Canadian defense minister got exactly what he wanted.

What if governments of the world admit that they have hangars full of crashed UFOs, then they hand them over to companies who start backward engineering them?

Soon, I'm able to drop by my local dealership and pick up a new sedan that features the latest in alien engineering under the hood. Forget fuel cells, soon we are all driving cars powered by Men In Black style technology.

Steve Jobs would be offering new UFOIpods, offering music and cellphone tech powered by extra-terrestrial microchips. Maybe Microsoft could use UFO tech to make a version of Windows that expands Internet access across the solar system. That would give a whole new meaning to the slogan "Where do you want to go today?"

But wait a second...why would UFOs crash in the first place? If alien tech is so powerful, why do flying saucers keep smashing into the ground? If these bug-eyed aliens are so bright, how come they have had so many accidents that more than one country has a UFO sitting in some secret garage? Are there lemon flying saucers that are more crash prone than others?

If we did get UFO powered cars, we would need qualified mechanics to fix and service them. Would we have to recruit aliens to repair our new cars? I shudder to think what the illegal drag-race scene would do with these new engines.

And what about the aliens? If we use their technology to conquer global warming, couldn't they show up court and demand a cut of the royalties from all those new products? It would be a field day for the lawyers.

What would be the reaction of the public to all of this? Perhaps Hollywood already answered the question back in the 1950s with The Day The Earth Stood Still. Here is the trailer.

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