Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The space shuttle tries again for a launch...and so does this blog!

Just as soon as I completed a new header for this blog and started writing new posts, I was sidetracked by all sorts of issues, projects, and other distractions.

Sometimes I find myself drifting away from this blog, but like an object with a strong gravitational field, it pulls me back.

The shuttle Atlantis rolled back out to the pad again to take another shot at a launch. Atlantis was supposed to launch in March, then was dinged-up by a hailstorm and had to be rolled back for repairs.

Over the last month I have learned more about blogging and space travel. I was not here typing away, the mission behind this blog has continued.

The mission of this blog originally was just to be a new toy for me to mess with and to post nifty stuff I found web-surfing. I once compared this blog to my own personal Tomorrowland where I would pick the attractions.

Now with the new graphics and new array of links I have added, part of that mission has been completed. This blog has survived over a year and has shed its old Blogger template. Much work remains to be done.

Shuttle launches are often nerve-wrecking affairs. Space travel is dangerous but also filled with moments of heartbreak. People wait for hours to watch a shuttle launch, only to have the mission scrubbed for the day due to bad weather or a leaky valve.

I've had my share of false starts here. There have been times I have planned to go full blast with daily posting and building some traffic, only to get distracted or delayed. Delays happen...but I always come back.

Like the Atlantis launch, I hope this time I don't have to roll back to the hangar for more repairs.

The mission continues.

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