Saturday, July 07, 2007

The mars rovers need all the luck they can get.

Today is July the 7th of 2007, which is supposed to be the luckiest day ever. From wedding chapels to gambling tables, many hope the luck of a line of sevens in the date will rub off on them.

Some of that luck is needed on the planet Mars right now. Massive sandstorms are posing a threat to the Mars Rovers. The storm that is brewing right now is so big that it could freeze the rovers and end their already extended missions.

In the film Roving Mars, one NASA scientist said the day would come when the rovers would go to sleep in the Martian night and not wake up the next day. The cold would claim them as they powered down.

That day will come...but hopefully not too soon. The rovers still have a lot to explore.

Wish them luck.

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