Thursday, January 31, 2008

Killer robot toys from the 1960s

Boing Boing features a video of a weird and icky looking robot toy called "Great Garloo". Like something from a drive-in science fiction movie, Great Garloo is shown knocking over bridges and buildings to terrify puny humans.

I can imagine the disapproving stares of 1960s parents when kids asked for this toy. There was probably some mom in horned-rimmed glasses and frosted hair saying "I will NOT let that monstrosity in my house! He'll scuff up my new linoleum kitchen floor! For the LAST TIME...NOOOOO!", then dragging a sobbing kid out of a department store toy department.

While I was looking for the embed code I found this video for Robot Commando, a giant purple robot who fires missiles and attacks tanks. There seemed to be a trend here with kids wanting to drop bombs on peaceful cities and squash their residents. What was it with the kids of the 1960s? Did they harbor the secret wish for a giant robot to show up and stomp all over their hometown? Did the toymakers back then know something about restless suburban tots that the rest of the country did not?

Those wacky kids of the 1960s...what was the world coming too? Can you imagine if those parents had to deal with Grand Theft Auto and Bioshock?


ThoughtCriminal said...

I remember wanting a "Robot Commando". Santa brought me a "Mr Mercury" robot instead. It lacked firepower, but it could actually pick up small items.

sushilsingh said...

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Anonymous said...

I found this obscure outer space cartoon from the 1950's and made a website about it which now includes images and video.

It's the one where the young boy stows away on the Polaris rocket spaceship to go rescue his father that has crash-landed on Mars. Very hard to locate for years so I am spreading the word and would like to have a link on your website?. One website is offering a plastic model replica of the rocket as well. I hope people wont have to search as long as I did. Enjoy the memories. See